It’s unthinkable to sit by the two magical windows of La Zagara: filled with colorful sweets, real works of art for the eyes and the palate, the windows will carry you off inside the room to catapult you into a unique and charming ambient.
As you plough through the front door you’re overwhelmed by a wave of kindness, with helpful staff with perfect knowledge of English language.

The appearance of the interior fully reflects the characteristics of the products. The furniture, such as the intricate weaving of wicker and precious ceramic tiles, are in fact handicraft, rustic but original at the same time.

La Zagara offers a range of unique specialties from old recipes like the cake “La Zagara” to the countless fresh fruit tarts, then move on to a variety of refreshing homemade granita and delicious ice cream, until you get in to dishes designed for a light meal such as salads, sandwiches, pizza and focaccia.