Brunch “beyond desserts”

In the garden have a breakfast like no others, La Zagara now offers a number of specialty ready to meet any your insatiable desire.

The bar is known and appreciated for the bakery, it also offers a range of dishes perfect for your brunch, for your lunch or dinner with lightness and well treated in every detail.
Rich and many different salads option available: assorted hot sandwiches, delicious Savoury flaky pastries and a tasty pizza Margherita; as well as different pizzas and focaccia with a wide choice of ingredients.

What binds together every dish is its authenticity: the various pastries are strictly “homemade”, citrus fruit for granita, ice cream and desserts are often collected in the garden, as well as the vegetables for salads and sandwiches. So La Zagara is always ready to serve seasonal and fresh fruits.