Giacomo Russo was one of the first tour operators in Positano. For friends was Giacomino, and “Da Giacomino” was lucky hangout to find just on the main bech of Positano: La Spiaggia Grande.

The restaurant also had a purpose recreation: you could play Neapolitan cards games like “Tressette or Scopone” waiting for the return of the fishing boats from which to purchase, among other things, a delicious fish soup.
Dish that was performed, “As God Commands”; doing simmer the fish on a variety of heat sources. Giacomino usual supervised personally for all amalgamated to perfection.

Times change, so does the tourism in Positano, we are in the years of “boom”, especially for a local fashion style famous as “Moda Positano” and the owners of the property where the restaurant was, claim the building to create a boutique. It also right.

Giacomino did not lose heart , and with the help of his wife and children, even change activity: the plot of the Mills Street refurbishes an old farmhouse in the adjoining garden, between plants of oranges and lemons, ago as a consequence of wooden planks that form a series of incredible terraces on stilts between the green and the scent of orange blossoms. Before extending the incomparable scenery of the majolica dome of the Mother Church and the sea.

From an idea, borns a bar; and that bar! He was born the legendary “La Zagara”. Here you make the first season of fruit tarts, cake “Ugly but Good” made with chocolate, meringue, almond and black cherry, the Choco Positano, the pie “La Zagara” made with chocolate and mandarin syrup. For those who go to Positano is unthinkable not to stop at La Zagara for a piece of pie. And best of all would be the must-see on another magical enchanted garden of the Amalfi Coast.

Cake la Zagara Brutto ma Buono - Ugly but Good

Mind you: it is not a place for gluttons is above all a romantic for couples in love; a retreat of privacy for those who want to discuss business or politics; the ideal atmosphere for those who wish to regain a lost love.
I say any more… Today Giacomino is gone. The family were to continue the work as nice as him.