Gluttony, the delightful deadly sins, ’twill find satisfaction with La Zagara dessert. They have been the real secret of the garden bar success and achievement through the years.

It begins with dessert production that have made the bar history and tradition like the “Positano Choco”, the perfect mix of sponge cake and dark chocolate replaced on request by delicious white chocolate.
Another cornerstone is “Torta Zagara”, a particular dessert and probably only produced at La Zagara, in which the sponge is combined with the particular flavor of mandarin under syrup.
And last but not the least, the “Ugly but Tasty”, a real delight for the gourmands, a mixture of almonds, black cherry, chocolate and meringue .

The variety of desserts is really endless: just think of the colorful and fresh fruit tarts, local and traditional dessert from Campania region such as the “Lemon Delizia” and “Babà”, as well as international dessert.
That’s the uniqueness and peculiarity of La Zagara: the ability to roam flewlessly between home made dessert, typical Neapolitan delicacies and international well-known products.

Everything is meticulously well-finished: aesthetics and every ingredients flavor, so that once you taste these delicacies you’ll be fully satisfied and gently enchanted by the incomparable genuine taste.