The Garden

Surrounded by the fragrant orange blossoms and numerous citrus trees, the outdoor area of “La Zagara” can magically become an intimate and romantic corner for two lovers, an isolated nook where you can discuss business. At the same time it’s a site plenty of uniqueness and beauty that catches VIPs and celebrities.

The terrace is more like a lovely and fragrant garden than an usual outdoor dining room, which is definitely part of the jewels of the Amalfi Coast deserving a visit, an area where the atmosphere offers an almost surreal haven.

To the taste of a refreshing cup of coffee or a granita, add a unique ambiance composed by the cascade of colors of Positano tiny house and by the tiled dome of the Cathedral,
Just give your palate a moment of absolute pleasure. Enjoy the delight of La Zagara and If you’re lucky you could have the chance to take some pictures with celebrities, now part of the great family of La Zagara.