The Garden

A citrus grove with the sea scent

A citrus grove with the sea scent
The color of citrus fruits mixed with the blue of the sky, orange and lemon trees overlooking the sea on the horizon; the scent of the saltiness led by the pleasant breeze blowing on the Zagara terrace. An outdoor space where the handmade ceramics from Vietri are in harmony with the beauty of a breathtaking panorama.
A cool refreshment point where is possible to find relax after a walk in Positano, a balcony from which you can admire a unique sunset during an elegant aperitif. The ideal way to enjoy the sunrise or dance under the stars.

At any time it will be possible to sit outside and feel the unmistakable taste of Positano, a perfume that smells of tradition, worldliness and fun.


An enchanting contest for your best memories

A moment of joy to spend with friends.
A promise of eternal love, an opportunity impossible to forget.
The terrace, the food and the Zagara pastry shop are the perfect setting for organizing a unique event
with quality cocktails, inviting recipes and the unmistakable courtesy of all the staff.

You'll always feel like partying in Positano!

A dream to live
with background music.